In addition to Bluestone’s ability to provide graphene in commercial volumes, we also offer a suite of unique turnkey solutions to integrate this “wonder material” into your business. Available to any size firm, we tailor our advisory programs to exceed the unique needs of our clients.

Think graphene could enhance your existing products but not sure where to start? We will help.

Wonder how to integrate graphene into your production line? We will help.

Certain graphene can provide you a competitive edge in your market but not sure where to start? We will help.

No matter how you need us to help, education is a core component of our service offerings. We firmly believe that when you hire us, we are not just helping you implement something but arming you with the knowledge to continue innovation within your company and products.

Our pioneering consulting group is comprised of distinguished experts in the field of graphene and by leveraging their experience and knowledge you can take your business to the next level faster and with lower cost than developing your own graphene program.