Product Description:

High-quality monolayer graphene film with high carrier mobility.

Product Overview:

  •  Hall mobility ranging from > 2000, > 2500, > 3000, > 3500 cm2/V.s. at a carrier density of 1012cm-2
  •  Substrates Available: Copper, PET, Quartz, SiO2/Si
  •  Sizes Available: 1 cm2, 2×2 inch, or 4×4 inch
  •  Comes with Certificate of Quality

***Can be customized

Product Highlights:

  • Continuous monolayer graphene film with adlayer coverage <5%
  • Perfect crystal identified by Raman spectroscopy with D band to G band ratio <5% within domain
  • High carrier mobility characterized using Hall Effect measurement
  • Certificate of Quality includes:
  • Optical image of graphene on 285 nm SiO2/Si wafer
  • Raman spectrum of graphene film on 285 nm SiO2/Si wafer
  • Hall Effect measurements (measured values and derived values)

Applications Suited to Gratom-M:

- Fundamental Research            – Electronics                – LED/OLED                  – Solar Cells

- Touch Panel             – Display                        – NEMs                          – Sensors

Grat-FilmTM Documentation
Grat-FilmTM side-by-side comparison (PDF)
Grat-FilmTM overview (PDF)
Grat-FilmTM highlights (PDF)
Grat-FilmTM price sheet (PDF)