1.)     What is the difference between your Grat-FilmTM products?

Different Grat-FilmTM products are created and optimized to meet the demands of various applications.  GratomTM-M products feature mono-layer graphene sheet with low defect density to achieve a high carrier mobility. GratomTM-R products are tailored to achieve a low sheet resistance.  GratomTM-S product is a special graphene product that contacts isolated graphene domains. GratomTM-A products are large-area graphene with dimensions above 12” x 20”.  More information is available in our side-by-side comparison PDF.

2.)     How do your produce your CVD Graphene?

We produce our Grat-FilmTM using a proprietary CVD method developed at BGT.

3.)     What measurements are taken to ensure the high-quality of your product?

Every product we ship undergoes a rigorous quality assurance exam, the results of which are shared with you along with your product in a Certificate of Quality. The Certificate of Quality includes Raman spectroscopy measurement, sheet resistance measurements and optical images.

4.)     Is your graphene continuous?

Yes, our graphene is continuous and has a high degree of uniformity, except for the GratomTM-S product.

5.)     What is the coverage of your graphene?

Our graphene is guaranteed to have 95% coverage, with the exception of the GratomTM-S product. The GratomTM-S product features isolated domains of single-crystal graphene monolayer, where the graphene coverage is about 50-70%.

6.)     Are your products monolayer or multilayer?

It depends on the product and/or your particular needs. We are able to produce both monolayer and multilayer.

7.)     Can you customize your products?

In addition to our standard products, listed on our web store, we can also customize our products to your specific quality requests as well as produce them on virtually any substrate, including customer-provided clean substrates. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs or for advice on choosing products for your application.

8.)     What is the thickness of your copper substrate?

Currently we offer graphene on 25-micron-thick copper, but this is subject to change.

9.)     Can you pattern the graphene?

Yes, we are able to create patterns on graphene.  Please contact us on the patterns you would like to generate.

10.)  How do I transfer the graphene to the substrate?

We offer products with graphene transferred to a variety of substrates, including PET, SiO2/Si wafer, quartz, and glass.  If you need assistance in processing or transferring, please contact us for more information.

11.)  How much do your products cost?

Our product retails at various price points. Please visit our web store or view our product price sheet for more information.

12.)   What are the lead times?

If you are ordering a standard product in reasonable volume, most lead times are 1-2 business days after payment is processed. Custom orders and large quantity orders are determined when quote is issued.

13.)   I think my products would benefit from the addition of graphene but I don’t know where to start. Help!

Graphene to the scientist and non-scientist alike can be overwhelming to decipher. Our web site provides some basic information about graphene and a few of its applications. There is so much more to what graphene can enhance so if you don’t see products relevant to your industry there, call or email us. We welcome opportunities to educate and innovate.

14.)  What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment via credit card or wire transfers; with the approval of our accounting department, we can also accept purchase orders.

15.)   How much is shipping?

In addition to the location and the shipping method, shipping cost depends on the quantity, size and weight of the product shipped. We typically use FedEx or UPS depending on which carrier offers the lower cost. Once you determine the products, we send you a quote including the precise shipping rate. You can also use the shipping estimation calculator on our web store.

16.)   What is your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is available here.

17.)   I want to distribute your products. Who do I contact?

Please complete this form and email your proposal to .

18.)   Where are your products made?

Our products are manufactured at our NY, US facility.

19.)   Are you hiring?

We’re always looking for strong talent. Visit our careers page for more information about current job openings.

20.)   Who do I contact for a press kit, speaking engagement invitation, trade show meeting or interview?

Please email for all requests.


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