Grat-Power™ SiGP

Grat-PowerTM: High-quality graphene-enhanced anode materials.

BGT is addressing the consumer demands for smaller electronics and sustainable power solutions by revolutionizing electrical energy storage technologies through our graphene-enhanced battery materials known as Grat-Power™. Our advanced battery anode product, Grat-PowerTM SiGP, offers drastic performance improvements – 5x the capacity of existing graphitic anodes, and can increase the cell capacity by 20% or more, depending on the cathode materials.

SiGP is a composite anode active material combining the high capacity of silicon-based intermetallic alloys with the excellent conductivity and flexibility of layered graphene sheets.

Silicon demonstrates theoretical gravimetric and volumetric energy capacities far beyond that of any know material, making it a revolutionary anode additive. The flexible and robust graphene matrix mitigates the performance degradation typically associated with silicon monolithic anodes. BGT’s proprietary process tailors the morphology of the two components to form an integrated nanostructure that optimizes power characteristics.  SiGP anode compositions have shown excellent cycling and high-rate characteristics suitable for a wide range of applications, including portable electronics, power tools, and electric vehicles.

Features & Benefits of the SiGP anode material

  • 5 times the gravimetric energy density of graphitic anodes
  • High-uniformity in particle size and distribution
  • Extended cycling life
  • Eco-conscious proprietary manufacturing processes

Grat-Power SiGP Overview

Technical Specs

Product Analysis
Composition Silicon and graphene
Appearance Dark brown powder
1st delithiation capacity (0.05C)* 1500 mAh/g
1st cycle efficiency* ~ 80%
Reversible delithiation capacity (0.2C)* 1300 mAh/g
Nominal voltage vs. Li/Li+ 0.4 V
Tap density 1.0 g/cc
Stable temperature range Up to 450 ºC

(*Half-cell test, uncalendered electrode)