Grat-FETTM: Graphene Field-Effect Transistors.

Bluestone’s Grat-FETTM products are state-of-the-art, three-terminal Field-Effect Transistors (FETs) that rely on Bluestone’s exclusive, high-mobility CVD grapheneGrat-MTM. Each Grat-FETTM chip consists of an array of 36 graphene FETs with nine different graphene channel length/width arrangements to accommodate all research and development settings.

Graphene FETs are fabricated on a Si wafer covered with a SiO2 layer, and the high-mobility Grat-MTM graphene is used as the transistor channel. The graphene transistor consists of three terminals: source and drain metal electrodes contacting the graphene channel and a global back gate enabled by the doped Si substrate. These features facilitate the characteristic ambipolar transport behavior of graphene in the Grat-FETs – achieving both n-type and p-type transport when biased with a proper gate voltage at the substrate.

As with all Bluestone products, every Grat-FET is tested to ensure our high-quality standards are met.

Features & Benefits

  • High field-effect carrier mobility of 2000 cm2/Vs or more
  • Ambipolar transport
  • Uncovered graphene channel
  • Small uncontrolled doping
  • Fabricated on highly-doped Si substrate, which can be used as gate electrode
  • Individual control of each transistor to be biased or connected externally
  • Each chip comes with multiple transistors of nine different channel dimensions

Technical Specs

Device Parameters
Back-gate oxide Thermal SiO2
Back-gate oxide thickness 300 nm
Silicon substrate resistivity 0.001-0.005 Ω-cm
Number of graphene layers 1
Gate leakage current <0.5 nA (at VBG = 100V)
Channel mobility 2000-3000 cm2/Vs
Contact metal thickness 40 – 50 nm

Electrical Characteristic Curves (Room temperature, Ambient)