Product Description:

Large-domain, isolated monolayer single-crystal graphene.

Product Overview:

  •  Domain size ranging from > 30 or > 200 µm
  •  Substrates Available: Copper, PET
  •  Sizes Available: 2×2 inch
  •  Comes with Certificate of Quality

***Can be customized

Product Highlights:

  • Perfect crystal identified by Raman spectroscopy with D band to G band ratio <5% within domain
  • Domain size characterized by optical microscopy
  • Crystal structure characterized by micro-Raman spectroscopy
  • Certificate of Quality includes:
  • Optical image
  • Raman spectrum of graphene film on 285 nm SiO2/Si wafer

Applications Suited to GratomTM-S:

- Fundamental Research                                                    – Electronics

Grat-FilmTM Documentation
Grat-FilmTM side-by-side comparison (PDF)
Grat-FilmTM overview (PDF)
Grat-FilmTM highlights (PDF)
Grat-FilmTM price sheet (PDF)