Bluestone Global Tech’s flagship graphene product is Grat-FilmTM , a complete line of high-performing, high-quality graphene films.

We are the only company to provide large-area graphene films, as large as 24 in x 300 in, and we are the only provider of single-crystal graphene with a domain size as large as 200 micrometers. We are proud of the quality of graphene films – every lot undergoes a rigorous quality assessment characterization.

Furthermore, we have developed exclusive technology enabling large volume orders, appealing to those eager to utilize the exciting properties of graphene in various applications but anxiously awaiting its commercialization. Our renowned technical team also offers a full suite of graphene-related advisory services.

BGT is committed to meet the challenges of modern electronics with ever-increasing functionality and proficiency by introducing this advanced material into everyday applications. From batteries, LED, to display technologies and touch panels – we invite you to join us in quite literally Redefining Everything!

To learn more about how graphene enhances these applications, please read our Touch Panel, Battery and LED product application brochures.

Graphene-enhanced application overviews
Graphene and Touch Panels
Graphene and Batteries (JPEG)
Graphene and LED (JPEG)

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