Grat-Power™ SiGP anode

Grat-Power™ SiGP anode products 

BGT is addressing the consumer demands for smaller electronics and sustainable power solutions by revolutionizing electrical energy storage technologies through our graphene-enhanced energy storage product line known as Grat-Power™. Grat-PowerTM SiGP, our first energy storage product to market,  offers drastic performance improvements – 5x the capacity of existing graphitic anodes.

Our newest product, SiGP, is a composite anode active material combining the high capacity of silicon-based intermetallic alloys with the excellent conductivity and flexibility of layered graphene sheets.

Silicon demonstrates theoretical gravimetric and volumetric capacities beyond that of any know material making it a revolutionary anode additive. The flexible and robust graphene matrix eliminates the performance degradation associated with silicon monolithic anodes and offers the most competitive power characteristics.

  • 30% increase in cycle efficiency
  • Fully configurable and thin as a piece of paper
  • High-uniformity in particle size and distribution
  • Eco-conscious proprietary manufacturing processes

Grat-Power™ SiGP anode data sheet (PDF)
Graphene and Batteries (JPEG) 

 Technical Specs 

Product Analysis
Composition Silicon and graphene
Appearance Dark brown powder
1st delithiation capacity (0.05C)* 2000 mAh/g
1st cycle efficiency* ~ 85%
Reversible delithiation capacity (0.2C)* 1700 mAh/g
Nominal voltage vs. Li/Li+ 0.4 V
Tap density 1.0 g/cc
Stable temperature range Up to 450 ºC